MullerBrau's Bierkeller

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Updated: 3-20-2014

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Bierkeller3.JPG (589422 bytes)
Google SketchUp of My New Beer Cellar Painted Walls and Starting to Build the Shelves Shelving Through the Corner for a Little Extra Storage Painted and Trimmed Out
Door install.JPG (170201 bytes) Bierkeller.JPG (526547 bytes) Bierkeller1.JPG (467579 bytes)
New Beer Cellar Holds 734 Bottles Plus 16 Growlers Too Much Cold Air Was Leaking Out So Time for Upgrade Added Sliding Patio Door and Bierkeller Graphics Added Sliding Patio Door and Bierkeller Graphics
Bierkeller2.JPG (704626 bytes) Mullerbrau BierKeller1.JPG (435490 bytes) Mullerbrau BierKeller2.JPG (442231 bytes) Locked In.JPG (133289 bytes)
Added Dimmable LED Lighting and Motion Activated Dimmer Painted Shelves Flat Black So They Don't Fight with Mutton Bars Dimmable LED Accent Lighting with Motion Detection Someone Tried To Lock Me In But I'm on the Inside
Mullerbrau BierKeller3.JPG (295581 bytes) Mullerbrau BierKeller5.JPG (530089 bytes)
Bar Area with Toshiba 39" LED TV Upgraded to Samsung 65" Ultra-Slim LED Smart TV and Soundbar

Greg Muller  - Troy, Michigan USA