MullerBrau - 6-Pack Kegerator

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26-February-2010 - I got tired of stooping down so low for a beer and I also wanted a little more interior room for my kegs so I sold my old kegerator and picked this puppy up on craigslist.  The freezer is on the bottom so it makes the taps so much higher and more comfortable for a pour.  I remade the drip tray as well as the old one was kind of hacked together.  Now I can fit 6 kegs inside comfortably and it is much easier to swap out a keg after it kicks.  My beer lines are all 9.5' long (3/16" inside diameter) and my pours are so easy to maintain the perfect amount of head.  It takes about 18 seconds to pour a beer with perfect control.  My temp is steady at 42F and my regulator is set at 12 psi.  Below are some pictures of the new setup.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Outside of New Bottom Freezer Kegerator with Five Ventmatic Faucets and 8mm Spouts Outside of Kegerator with Five Faucets New Label Designs Newly Designed Drip Tray
Dust Free Glass Storage Area Up Top w/ Accent Lighting   Inside of Kegerator Door with Five SS Shanks Inside of Kegerator with Six Kegs
CO2 Manifold Mounted Up High 20 Pound CO2 Tank with Two Independent Regulators View of Kegerator From Across the Pool Table Room CO2 Bulkhead Fitting

Drip Tray Brackets with Snap On Covers (Lowe's)

Cover Pulled Off to View Bracket Detail

Top of Drip Tray Surround Top View of Custom Drip Tray Assembly


Previous Kegerator - Freezer on Top

09-September-2007 - After bottling over 6600 bottles of beer over the last 6 years, I decided to take the plunge and start kegging my homebrews.  I had no room to store a full size fridge but I didn't want a small kegerator so I sold my full size upright freezer which I kept in the furnace room adjacent to the bar.  I put the freezer on Craigslist and sold it ten minutes later for $120.  Then I picked up a late model Kenmore fridge with the freezer on the top which I found on Craigslist for $80.  My wife was happy because she still had freezer space for those things that you don't want to keep in the kitchen fridge.  I went straight out of the gate with Ventmatic faucets, stainless steel shanks and a nice stainless steel drip tray.  My gas manifold has built in check valves for each of the shut off valves so there should be no backflow of CO2 from one keg to the next. Here are the pictures:

Outside of Kegerator with Five Faucets

Close-up of Five Ventmatic Faucets and Homemade $3 Tap Handles

Finished Project Drip Tray Added - Brackets w/ Vinyl Snap-On Covers
Finished Kegerator Tap Handles Close-up Tap Handles and Labels Another View
Another View 15# CO2 Tank on Shelf Inside of Fridge Bottom Handmade 2-Tier Base for Kegs
Side View of Base Inside with Base Plate Made from Plywood and Paint Inside with 5 Ball Lock Kegs The Beer Fridge Under the Bar
5-Way Gas Manifold SMEAD 4" X 6" Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pockets are da' Bomb Backlit Beer Glass Storage / Display Offline Keg Charging & Storage
Keg & Fermenter Storage Keg & Fermenter Storage Temperature Controlled Fermentation Room Hops Stash 25 Pounds Vacuum Sealed
Fermentation Room with New Temp Control Close-Up of Johnson Controller Night Light Bulb Plugged into Controller with AC Temp Probe Zip Tied to Bulb Night Light on Fools AC Unit into Turning On


Greg Muller  - Troy, Michigan USA