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Updated: 8-12-2014

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BVIP - Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter (12 gallons All-Grain) (recipe by Denny Conn)

A wonderful balance of Jim Beam Black bourbon, Madagascar vanilla beans and chocolate porter.

OG: 1.085 FG: 1.030

ABV=9.3%  IBU=37  SRM=40

Honorable Mention - 2006 Michigan State Fair - Category 23A - Specialty Beer

1st Place - 2007 Michigan State Fair - Category 23A - Specialty Beer

1st Place - 2008 Michigan State Fair - Category 23A - Specialty Beer

Honorable Mention - 2009 Michigan State Fair - Category 23A - Specialty Beer



Deschutes Red Chair IPA (24 gallons All Grain)

Northwest IPA with Simcoe and Citra hops

OG: 1.070 FG: 1.018

ABV=6.9%  IBU=65  SRM=8


Two Hearted Ale (20 gallons All Grain)

India Pale Ale with  American malts and enormous Centennial hop additions give this beer a crisp finish and incredible floral hop aroma.

OG: 1.072 FG: 1.018

ABV=7.2%  IBU=50  SRM=6


Baltic Porter (13 gallons All Grain)

Well balanced throughout the pallet, with a smooth and warming combination of maltiness, chocolate and roasted flavors. We used ale yeast and then cold conditioned the beer for over a month to make it very smooth.

OG: 1.087 FG: 1.030

ABV=8.5%  IBU=23  SRM=25


Clearwater Light Blonde Ale (21 gallons All Grain)

A low calorie, low carb beer, remarkably clear & light, which appeals to beer drinkers who enjoy a clean, light session beer. 

OG: 1.046 FG: 1.011

ABV=5.1%  IBU=33  SRM=2


Kentucky Cream Ale (25 gallons All Grain)

Smooth and refreshing like a light lager. This beer was made with a significant amount of corn to lighten up the body even further. Hops were used very sparingly. We used ale yeast and then cold conditioned the beer for over a month to make it very smooth.

OG: 1.054 FG: 1.014

ABV=5.6%  IBU=16  SRM=6


Big Booted Bastard Pale Ale (21 gallon all-grain) recipe by Barry Brock (BBrocker Brewery)

Honorable Mention - 2009 Michigan State Fair

This American style pale ale dry hopped with Cascade hops is a good cheap session beer, a real crowd pleaser.

OG: 1.048 FG: 1.010 IBU:30

Color: 5 SRM   5.0% a.b.v.


Falconer's Flight Pale Ale (21 gallon all-grain)

Just like Big Booted above but substitute Falconer's Flight hops for the Cascades

OG: 1.049 FG: 1.010 IBU:33

Color: 5 SRM   5.2% a.b.v.



Rye Eye P.A. (5 gallon all-grain) recipe by Denny Conn

1st Place - 2006 Michigan State Fair - Category 14B - American IPA

A very well hopped, full bodied, rye India pale ale.

12.5 lbs. Breiss 2-Row Pale
3 lbs. Rye Malt
1.25 lbs. Crystal 60L
0.50 lbs. Cara-Pils Dextrine Malt
0.50 lbs. Wheat Malt

Mash Schedule
154 F for 60 minutes

Boil Additions
1 oz. Mount Hood (FWB) 
1 oz. Columbus (60 min)
0.50 oz. Mount Hood (30 min)
1.50 oz. Mount Hood (0 min)
1 oz. Columbus (Dry)

1272 American Ale Yeast II. Fruitier and more flocculent than 1056, slightly nutty, soft, clean, slightly tart finish. Accentuates hop character at warmer fermentation temperatures with intense fruitiness. Flocculation - high; apparent attenuation 72-76%. (60-72 F, 15-22 C)

7.5 gal pre-boil volume
pre-boil SG=1.060

Original gravity: 1.073
Final gravity: 1.018
Alcohol: 7.2%
Lag time: 3 hours
Primary fermentation 7d @68F
Secondary fermentation 21d @ 70F
Bottled on: 9/28/2005
Comments: A house favorite made monthly


Racer 5 India Pale Ale (21 gallon all-grain)


Nut Brown Ale (5.5 gallon All Grain)

Styled after southern English brown ales, our Nut Brown kit is a great all-around beer: it's easy to brew (its dark color and rich flavor make it forgiving of mistakes), it's mild enough for light beer drinkers, but characterful enough for more experienced brewers and beer lovers. The finished product exhibits a deep copper color, fruity/caramelly flavor and aroma with toasty, chocolatey notes; and it tastes great after just a few weeks.

9 lbs. Crisp Maris Otter 
0.25 lbs. Crisp Chocolate 
0.25 lbs. Dingemans Special B 
0.25 lbs. Dingemans Biscuit 
0.25 lbs. Briess Special Roast 

Mash Schedule
153 F for 60 minutes

Boil Additions
1 oz. Challenger (60 min) 
1 oz. Fuggle (1 min) 

Wyeast #1028 London Ale Yeast. Rich with a dry finish, minerally profile, bold and crisp, with some fruitiness. Flocculation: medium. Apparent attenuation: 73-77%. Optimum temperature: 60-72. 

Efficiency: 63%
Original gravity: 1.047
Final gravity: 1.013
Alcohol: 4.5%
Lag time: 3 hours
Primary fermentation 8d @ 62F
Bottled on: 4/16/05
Yield: 27 - 22 oz. bottles
First tasting: 
Comments: Tastes really good after two weeks in the bottle.  Non-homebrew people really like this.